Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Corruption Should Stop!!!

“Cancer is a disease which, if untreated, can spread and cause death eventually.” Do you believe that in the same way cancer is associated with corruption? Provide your stand.
     What do you think about cancers? As we all know, cancers are untreated, costly to be treated and the most sad part, it can cause fatal. It starts as one cancer cell and if it is not treated early, it can spread and cause major damage to organs and systems in our body. However, we do not want to discuss about cancers. We are talking about something that has similar ways of spreading as cancer cell. It is one of our enemies in building a great nation, corruption. Maybe no one realized that corruption can cause bad effects but the truth is it affects the development of countries, economic growth and trustworthy of foreign investors. Hence, we are strongly agree that corruption contributes too many disadvantages to a developing countries such as Malaysia.
       As  corruption can spread like the cancer, its can affect the economic growth in the country. The economics effects  of corruption can be categorized  as minor and major.However,both in one way or the other have critical impact on the individual,comunity and country.As example when the leader of our country involve in corruption,there might be some people who feel dissapointed with the leader and hence they provide low cooperation towards the growth of economic development.Yet this people will produce low quality and does not sophisticated in their career.This will cause some negative effect like our economy will having deterioration and might also cause riot in the government. There is also a construction of medium rate because they know no action is performed if the recipient of the bribe has a higher power.Hence,this will cause the economic problem and the government are kept debating this issue as well.So we must avoid corruption to maintain our economic balance.

        In order to build an advance country economically, we need foreign investors as they contributes to our nation profit. Trustworthy is one of a factor for the foreign investors to invest in our country. Hence, the companies must show full cooperation to the investors as it can build trustworthy among the investors and the company itself. However, if corruption occurs in the companies, how can the investors dares to invest in the companies as it only brings loss to them. At the same time, the trustworthy of other countries to invest in our country will be affected. It shows that corruption destroys nations and companies trust into entering our country. To prevent that, leaders should play their role to prevent corruption in their organizations. If we succeed to prevent this, I believe there will be no problem for our country to develop into an advance country.   

Likewise for the corruption, this problem can poses serious developments challenge in nationwide. As we have seen in the media, there are a lot of political leader that are now facing this problem. Our country inherited the peacefulness from our ancestors and it is passed from one generation to another generation for the development of our country. If this problem occurs continuously, the field of politics, economics and social will be affected badly.  The challenge that might be seen is the nationwide will become weaker as they will always fight with each other to get the power to rule. They are willing to do anything to get the power including corruption.  One of the factors that contribute to corruption is the weakness in leadership as the leaders cannot govern the country or company systematically. Hence, in order to prevent this problem, we need to discuss and decide the best leader whom we believe he can bring this country to glory. Corruption also causes the depletion in the national wealth. All the taxes that we pay to the government are for the development to this country. If corruption occurs, the taxes that we pay will be a waste as the money ended in the irresponsible man’s pocket. In the end, the development of this country will be at stake and we cannot compete with other modern countries. I believe that no one realized this problem can affect a lot of things in our country and might become risky for us too.
           No one can guess what would happen next if still there is no precaution and steps taken to prevent the corruption from happen. Though it seems very difficult to control corruption but it is not impossible. It is not only the responsibility of the government but ours too. We can eliminate corruption if there will be joint effort. We must have some high principles to follow so that we may be models for the coming generation. Let us take a view to create an atmosphere free from corruption. That will be our highest achievement as human beings.


  1. Beware of the tenses used. Besides, we could see that your group keep repeating the word 'hence'.. try to use other words like thus, therefore, in final analysis, etc.. anyway, the points you had chosen are very nice.

  2. very realistic in elaborating the points...
    but we also need to consider the checking process to avoid silly mistakes like what nikzafana mentioned....anyway, keep it up....

  3. i'm sorry for our mistake..and we will take your comment as an advice and do not redo it on writing the essay so that all of you can read our essay peacefully..anyway thanks for the comment :)

  4. i can see that your 4th paragraph is quite long and the conclusion is quite short.it is better if you can balance the length of all of it....tq

  5. salam.. congrats for your good essay.. however, in p.3, how can the investors dares, it should be 'how can the investors dares dare'. in p.4, a lot of political leader should be 'a lot of political leaders'. thank you

  6. Assalamualaikum wbt.

    This topic (corruption) is quite challenging so we want to congratulate haziq&twins for being able to successfully complete the essay. However,in our view, not all of your paragraph are balance.One is quite long compared to other.Although each paragraph is done by different person,but try to balance them. For the conclusion,it will better if you use more complex sentences.

    Thank you.

  7. Salam. Your essay is quite difficult to understand. In our opinion, in order to solve the corruption in our country, we should start from the beginning especially the leader of our country. If we have a good leader, 99% surely the corruption will be abolished. Inshaallah. By the way, your essay is awesome. We like it!!


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