Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Corruption Should Stop!!!

“Cancer is a disease which, if untreated, can spread and cause death eventually.” Do you believe that in the same way cancer is associated with corruption? Provide your stand.
     What do you think about cancers? As we all know, cancers are untreated, costly to be treated and the most sad part, it can cause fatal. It starts as one cancer cell and if it is not treated early, it can spread and cause major damage to organs and systems in our body. However, we do not want to discuss about cancers. We are talking about something that has similar ways of spreading as cancer cell. It is one of our enemies in building a great nation, corruption. Maybe no one realized that corruption can cause bad effects but the truth is it affects the development of countries, economic growth and trustworthy of foreign investors. Hence, we are strongly agree that corruption contributes too many disadvantages to a developing countries such as Malaysia.
       As  corruption can spread like the cancer, its can affect the economic growth in the country. The economics effects  of corruption can be categorized  as minor and major.However,both in one way or the other have critical impact on the individual,comunity and country.As example when the leader of our country involve in corruption,there might be some people who feel dissapointed with the leader and hence they provide low cooperation towards the growth of economic development.Yet this people will produce low quality and does not sophisticated in their career.This will cause some negative effect like our economy will having deterioration and might also cause riot in the government. There is also a construction of medium rate because they know no action is performed if the recipient of the bribe has a higher power.Hence,this will cause the economic problem and the government are kept debating this issue as well.So we must avoid corruption to maintain our economic balance.

        In order to build an advance country economically, we need foreign investors as they contributes to our nation profit. Trustworthy is one of a factor for the foreign investors to invest in our country. Hence, the companies must show full cooperation to the investors as it can build trustworthy among the investors and the company itself. However, if corruption occurs in the companies, how can the investors dares to invest in the companies as it only brings loss to them. At the same time, the trustworthy of other countries to invest in our country will be affected. It shows that corruption destroys nations and companies trust into entering our country. To prevent that, leaders should play their role to prevent corruption in their organizations. If we succeed to prevent this, I believe there will be no problem for our country to develop into an advance country.   

Likewise for the corruption, this problem can poses serious developments challenge in nationwide. As we have seen in the media, there are a lot of political leader that are now facing this problem. Our country inherited the peacefulness from our ancestors and it is passed from one generation to another generation for the development of our country. If this problem occurs continuously, the field of politics, economics and social will be affected badly.  The challenge that might be seen is the nationwide will become weaker as they will always fight with each other to get the power to rule. They are willing to do anything to get the power including corruption.  One of the factors that contribute to corruption is the weakness in leadership as the leaders cannot govern the country or company systematically. Hence, in order to prevent this problem, we need to discuss and decide the best leader whom we believe he can bring this country to glory. Corruption also causes the depletion in the national wealth. All the taxes that we pay to the government are for the development to this country. If corruption occurs, the taxes that we pay will be a waste as the money ended in the irresponsible man’s pocket. In the end, the development of this country will be at stake and we cannot compete with other modern countries. I believe that no one realized this problem can affect a lot of things in our country and might become risky for us too.
           No one can guess what would happen next if still there is no precaution and steps taken to prevent the corruption from happen. Though it seems very difficult to control corruption but it is not impossible. It is not only the responsibility of the government but ours too. We can eliminate corruption if there will be joint effort. We must have some high principles to follow so that we may be models for the coming generation. Let us take a view to create an atmosphere free from corruption. That will be our highest achievement as human beings.

Sunday, February 26, 2012


Should cloning be continued? Discuss it....

Just imagine, one day, when you woke up from your bed and go to school as usual, suddenly you saw people around you have identical features like you. Isn’t that creepy? It is not impossible as  living in this modern world with modern technologies, many genius professors were born and the words ‘stupid’ and ‘dumb’ are no longer applicable and they are just words in dictionaries, can make people in this world believe in one principle, ‘nothing is impossible’. Cloning of living organisms reached its success peak when Dolly, a sheep was born as product of cloning. However, if we consider the cloning effect in our future, it contributes too many cons than pros. We are not just talking about cloning of animals or plants but we are talking about us, the cloning of human. The effects are so severe, questions in human ethics, imbalance in society and extinction. Can you cope with that in the future? I don’t think so.

Cloning of human had been a hot topic discussed by the scientists as it affects the human ethics. Many questions have been raised such as "who are we to challenge the power of God in creating human?", "can we as human create a living organism which is the same species as us?" and "are the cloned human will be treated the same as human being or just a property to be sold or buy?" All these questions referred to ethical of human being. We as human want all people treated the same as everyone and I believe the cloned human will want the same thing if they exist in the future. They do not want themselves to be treated as properties or things and it is not impossible for these cloned human to ask the human being to create the ethical of clones. If these arguments continue in the future, there will be possibility for a war between human being and human to occur. Praised to God as we are living in a peaceful condition but if the researches about cloning continues, we will live in a world of hell.
As everyone knows, when people continued to clone, this will cause an imbalance effect in our life. This is shown as the human being always want their children in different variation. As parent they can easily recognize their beloved children when having a unique child. Unlikely to the cloned person, of course they want their children to be identical as themselves. This cloned person will always support for their cloning institution. When this occurred, there will be a lot of argument among the real human and the cloned one. There should be the human and the other one cannot cooperate with each other in the community. There will be continuous debating relating to this ethical issue of cloning.

Lastly, cloning can cause human extinction. This is because there are no varieties in genetic and therefore the organisms that have been cloned will have any resistance towards new diseases. As cloning can create a copy of the original which is identical with its template so the human clone would inherit the genetic traits of its predecessor. This will include genetic abnormalities and diseases. For example Dolly the sheep exhibited sign of what some suggested were premature aging, although this was firmly denied by her “developers”. Furthermore, in this experiment, many animals have been used as samples and lastly, they died as the experiments were not successful. For human cloning, the results were the same and many newborn babies died in the experiments. Hence, results of cloning process can cause the new organism die severely and extinction of human occurs continuously.

 Although cloning is not widely applicable in this world, the researches of cloning must be stopped from now on as it contributes too many cons than pros. Human ethics, imbalance in society and extinction could be the results of cloning. Maybe we would not realize the consequences yet, but in the future, just imagine, when you are walking in your living area, suddenly your mother or your father, three people with identical features approach you and greet you at the same time? Of course we do not want this to happen or do you? 

Friday, February 24, 2012


Assalamualaikum to all dear readers... How are you? I hope you are doing well... So, for the first post of our new blog,  we want to introduce ourselves as the admin of this blog... I think it is best for us to get to know each other first in order to start a friendship so that it will lasts forever...

             Name            : Ahmad Haziq bin Rodzali
        Date of Birth   : 22 April 1993
        Matric No       : 9110147
        Place of Birth  : Kajang,Selangor
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Other members,the twins

         Name             : Najihah binti Dollah
         Date of birth    : 10 November 1993
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         Place of Birth   : Kota Bharu,Kelantan

         Name             :   Nabilah binti Dollah
         Date of birth    : 10 November 1993
         Matric No        : 9111163
         Place of Birth   :  Kota Bharu,Kelantan
         Favourite drink  : Teh 'beng'

This is just a simple introduction from us...Now all of you can enjoy this blog AND also COMMENT it so that we can improve in ENGLISH especially in writing the essay...feel free to leave any comment in this blog..hehe :)

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