Sunday, March 11, 2012

Should Firearm As A Part Of National Service Training Programme's Tool?

‘National service trainees should be trained to use firearms as part of the national service training programme.’ Do you agree with the above statement? Give your point of view and support your answer with reasons.

          Firearm is always said to be fatal and violent to ours but you must know that there are many benefits in having it.As you know that many people in the world do not know how to use firearm, They think that the knowledge about the firearm is not as essential as our life, but we must realize that if one day we being attacked by someone or in a war, the preparation of this knowledge must be compulsory as you might able to use this technologies. So keep in your mind that utilization of the firearm is significant and need to be trained in using it.That why we are securely agree with the statement that the national service trainees should involve in firearm training during national service programme.

          There are many reasons that we agree with this statement .First of all, the trainees will be familiarized to apply the firearms on a benefit from firearm training. They have trained by the authority trainers that come from Police Department or Royal Military Department to use this weapon basically. From that, they can able to use namely M-16 rifles, reload the firearm and service their firearms by themselves even the trainee’s girl can use them in a proper way. In additional, they can use this weapon if the war or confrontation happens in this country. Thus, this not be burden by the army alone, to protect the country from the enemies who attack us. And of course our country will be saved by this youngster and they might serve for this country willingly and sincerely.

          Furthermore, this training is useful in their future especially in the armed forces of this country. In this way, the trainees can put themselves in the security department due to their experience in firearms uses. So the trainees have no chance to misuse this weapon for themselves and they can secure the country’s safety in this way.Besides that, this training can instill confidence among themselves.Before this training,the trainees fear to this weapon and they did not pretend to use it even though in dangerous situation.In additional,they cannot hold on with the noisy sound when this weapons are blown up.In this training,the trainees had fight with their fear and use this weapons.As a result,they can use weapon confidently although dull for while.So no fear when trying to use the weapons in the security department.

          On the other hand, safety is the biggest advantage of firearms training. Everyone who learns how to use a gun becomes less likely to mishandle it or fire it accidentally and it reduces the likelihood of a tragic accident. Most firearms training courses include safety as a top priority, teaching students how to handle, clean, load and discharge a firearm in the proper way. All types of gun owners can benefit from basic safety training, even if they never plan to use their gun except for self-defense. I believe one day every one of us may need firearms in their house. It is because as the world modernized, criminals or outlaws will use firearms instead of using knives as tools for robbery or doing other crimes. Hence, it will be necessary for everyone to learn at least the basic rules in handling firearms. Step taken by the government to train the trainees in national service training programme is a right decision in order to build a safe community in Malaysia.

          In conclusion, we believe the national service trainees should be trained to use firearms as it brings many advantages to us, the communities and even our beloved country. With the knowledge of using firearms, these trainees will be able to protect our country from enemies rather than only depending to armies, easier for them in finding jobs and our safety as the citizens of Malaysia will be preserved. Hence, as a responsible Malaysians, we need to support the training programme prepared by the government especially the training in using firearms in national service training programme because it is not just training but it is one of steps in building stronger country in order to compete with other modern countries.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Socio Cultural : Suicide among Teenagers

 As a junior reporter writing for a local daily,you have been asked to write a short article on the suicide problem  among teenagers.Your article should integrate all the information given below.You should write 150 to 200 words.

                     Suicide Problem Among Teenagers
                                 by Rainie Yang

    The chart above illustrated that the suicide rates among teenagers in year 2005.The countries that always involved in this problem were Australia,United States,New Zealand and United Kingdom.There were the differences suicide among teenagers between this four countries and the causes of the teens suicide in 2005.
      Based on the bar graph,the number of suicide cases was the highest in USA(200 cases) followed by U.K and Australia and the lowest number of suicide cases was New Zealand(50 cases).There were a lot of differences in the number of suicide cases between the lowest and the highest which is 150.It was about three quarter of the teen suicides in 2005 was physiological disorder especially depression that show it was the main reason why the teen commit suicides.Hence the other factors were misuse of alcohol and drugs which having the same rate with the factor about lack relationships with parents and peers.Whereas,the minor factor was suffered physical and sexual abuse.
      In the other word,this investigation can be concluded that there were many cases of teen suicides occur year by year.This must be prevented immediately so that the rates of people suicide decreased  every year.Parents should play vital.This problem must be dealt seriously.

                                                                         (194 words)

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