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Should cloning be continued? Discuss it....

Just imagine, one day, when you woke up from your bed and go to school as usual, suddenly you saw people around you have identical features like you. Isn’t that creepy? It is not impossible as  living in this modern world with modern technologies, many genius professors were born and the words ‘stupid’ and ‘dumb’ are no longer applicable and they are just words in dictionaries, can make people in this world believe in one principle, ‘nothing is impossible’. Cloning of living organisms reached its success peak when Dolly, a sheep was born as product of cloning. However, if we consider the cloning effect in our future, it contributes too many cons than pros. We are not just talking about cloning of animals or plants but we are talking about us, the cloning of human. The effects are so severe, questions in human ethics, imbalance in society and extinction. Can you cope with that in the future? I don’t think so.

Cloning of human had been a hot topic discussed by the scientists as it affects the human ethics. Many questions have been raised such as "who are we to challenge the power of God in creating human?", "can we as human create a living organism which is the same species as us?" and "are the cloned human will be treated the same as human being or just a property to be sold or buy?" All these questions referred to ethical of human being. We as human want all people treated the same as everyone and I believe the cloned human will want the same thing if they exist in the future. They do not want themselves to be treated as properties or things and it is not impossible for these cloned human to ask the human being to create the ethical of clones. If these arguments continue in the future, there will be possibility for a war between human being and human to occur. Praised to God as we are living in a peaceful condition but if the researches about cloning continues, we will live in a world of hell.
As everyone knows, when people continued to clone, this will cause an imbalance effect in our life. This is shown as the human being always want their children in different variation. As parent they can easily recognize their beloved children when having a unique child. Unlikely to the cloned person, of course they want their children to be identical as themselves. This cloned person will always support for their cloning institution. When this occurred, there will be a lot of argument among the real human and the cloned one. There should be the human and the other one cannot cooperate with each other in the community. There will be continuous debating relating to this ethical issue of cloning.

Lastly, cloning can cause human extinction. This is because there are no varieties in genetic and therefore the organisms that have been cloned will have any resistance towards new diseases. As cloning can create a copy of the original which is identical with its template so the human clone would inherit the genetic traits of its predecessor. This will include genetic abnormalities and diseases. For example Dolly the sheep exhibited sign of what some suggested were premature aging, although this was firmly denied by her “developers”. Furthermore, in this experiment, many animals have been used as samples and lastly, they died as the experiments were not successful. For human cloning, the results were the same and many newborn babies died in the experiments. Hence, results of cloning process can cause the new organism die severely and extinction of human occurs continuously.

 Although cloning is not widely applicable in this world, the researches of cloning must be stopped from now on as it contributes too many cons than pros. Human ethics, imbalance in society and extinction could be the results of cloning. Maybe we would not realize the consequences yet, but in the future, just imagine, when you are walking in your living area, suddenly your mother or your father, three people with identical features approach you and greet you at the same time? Of course we do not want this to happen or do you? 


  1. -Based on our reading, we think that there is a grammatical mistake within paragraph 2 : We as human want all people treated the same...
    *the right way to write : We as human want all people to be treated the same...

  2. Assalammualaikum, dear Haziq and twins, your essay is great and awesome...
    WHILE READING YOU ESSAY,I remembered the movie entitled Artificial Inteligence@AI.
    This story was about a clone human that is a kid.
    This story also showed the love of this kid towards his adoptive family.but his mother left him alone in the jungle and the adventure began when he tried to find his mother back...
    atahis story seriusly a sad story which make me cry so much....The massage is that cloned human also have feeling and they also need love from the rel, I agree with you and thiss essay is good...Keep it up friends

  3. Cost is an issue too.It is really expensive to clone a human due to the several reasons that we must consider before making a clone. It is not necessary to carry out this experiment as the results of the cloning are always led to the failure. Why should our government waste the money on cloning experiments? Let's think about it :)


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